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Brisbane certainly gets its fair share of Queensland weather, both good and bad. As a result, outdoor entertaining areas/decks need to be well planned so that homeowners can spend their time enjoying all the best parts of Brisbane living.


Queensland weather means your deck needs to contend with both blistering sun and heat, as well as torrential, soaking rain. Because of this, your building materials will need to hit many criteria. Ben J Constructions can provide crucial knowledge when choosing what will go into your deck.


Ben J Constructions is also able to help you decide the best shape, size and, height for your deck. Our decades of experience mean that we have seen it and can help you avoid mistakes that cause unlimited frustration.


Ben J Constructions understands that building a deck is not just about creating extra space, style is also critically important. We pride ourselves on building decks that blend seamlessly with your home. No one will be able to tell that this tasteful addition was not original to the home.


While style and low-maintenance are important, our primary concern is safety. Time is a magnifier for any stress points on a structure. Ben J Constructions ensures that as your home and deck age that there will never be a compromise of safety or security due to building fault. We take pride in our work and want to ensure it is around for a long, long time.


Brisbane Local Decks Experts


At Ben J Constructions we provide the local touch. Owners and builders at Ben J Constructions are all Brisbane locals who share your love for this great area. We know the ins-and-outs of Brisbane’s northern and southern suburbs and the subtle but unique differences that can impact building.


This exceptional local expertise is supported by decades in the building and construction industry. Ben J Constructions draws upon the collective knowledge of industry leaders.


While there is generally no need for council approval when building a deck, Ben J Constructions can still guide you through the process and advise when it is best to speak with the council and what is needed in each circumstance.


Whether you are building a new deck, extending your existing deck, giving an old deck a facelift, or even building in underneath to create additional indoor and outdoor space – Ben J Constructions are the local Brisbane builders for you.


If you are interested in taking advantage of our extensive building knowledge and our free consultation on-site or in our local Brisbane office, then contact us today for your next deck project!


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