Lamette St, Holland Park

Home Renovation – Lamette St, Holland Park


Holland Park is a suburb famous for being light and leafy. Homes here are built on large blocks bordered by equally wide streets. Space abounds within this suburb, reminiscent of a bygone time. The happy homeowners at Lamette St, Holland Park have certainly tailored their home renovation to capitalize on property’s existing assets.


The halls of this elegant 2 story home boast long, bright hallways that brim with sunshine. Each room of this spacious family home has large windows, capturing light from both east and west.

Other features like the just-off-white walls and the natural hardwood floors highlight the thought that went towards capturing natural resources.


There are deliberate elements that demonstrate a divergence from the standard “Get in and get it done” renovation mentality. The subtle honeycomb tiles in the spacious master bathroom are a simple touch that takes the design of the room to the next level. Subtle touches that may go unnoticed at first glance showcase the homeowners’ personal taste without being garish or over the top.

These design choices are also countered by several practical atrial attributes, such as recessed shelf space within the showers, and a luxuriously deep tub – for those cold winter nights.


Subtlety has been the name of the game in this Holland Park renovation. The only feature that doesn’t adhere to this pattern is the stand-out benchtops and kitchen drop light features. These dark benchtops act as a stylish marker to illustrate the full size of the kitchen; drawing the eye along the full length of each wall where it intersects with the counter.


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